Office & Warehouse Contacts

Office & Warehouse locations

Customer Care

Name Position Email Phone
Getter Haossaar Customer Care Manager [email protected] +372 671 7467
Annika Kitsemets Sales and Logistics Co-ordinator [email protected] +372 671 2222
Krista Tooming Sales and Logistics Co-ordinator [email protected] +372 671 2239
Kristi Piksar Sales and Logistics Co-ordinator [email protected] +372 671 2234

Sales & Marketing

Name Position Email Phone
Tarvo Leppik CEO, Baltics' Sales Director [email protected] -
Tanel Laasma Baltics' High Voltage & Power Distribution Sales Manager [email protected] +372 5196 6376
Andero Hännikainen Baltics' Industrial Segment Sales Manager [email protected] +372 5340 6737
Raigo Viltrop Baltics' Construction Segment Product Manager [email protected] +372 5866 4321
Kadri Armas Baltics' Marketing Manager [email protected] +372 5650 1556
Jarmo Peterson Estonian Sales Manager [email protected] +372 5665 7347
Olegs Sorokins Latvian Area Representative [email protected] +371 2927 2731
Mindaugas Liaugminas Lithuanian Area Representative [email protected] +370 6187 4384

Logistics & Purchasing

Name Position Email Phone
Julia Adamson Logistics Manager [email protected] -
Natalja Stepukova Procurement Manager [email protected] -
Merje Kracht Planning Manager [email protected] -
Mari Rootamm Planner [email protected] -
Emma Urb Production Planner [email protected] -
Getter Haossaar Logistics and Purchase Co-ordinator [email protected] +372 671 7467
Raili Heinoja Purchaser [email protected] -
Anatoli Stuknin Warehouse Manager [email protected] +372 671 2237
Markku Meimer Logistics Co-ordinator [email protected] +372 671 2260


Name Position Email
Veiko Salumaa Plant Manager [email protected]
Kristo Käver Production Manager [email protected]
Kristjan Sarapuu Production Manager [email protected]
Erkki Keerig Chief Engineer [email protected]
Timo Kurgu Process Engineer [email protected]
Jaak Enno Technical Manager [email protected]
Taimar Täheväli Automation Engineer [email protected]
Alvar Viikmäe Mechanical Engineer [email protected]
Mait Nõmme Maintenance Manager [email protected]


Name Position Email Phone
Tarvo Leppik CEO, Baltics' Sales Director [email protected] -
Elizabeth Leet Human Resources Manager (on parental leave) [email protected] +372 5563 7800
Kertu-Liisa Terk Plant Human Resources Manager [email protected] +372 5663 5175
Tiit Laur Quality Manager [email protected] -
Viktoria Chagall Health and Safety Co-ordinator [email protected] -
Yulia Trifonov Health and Safety Co-ordinator (on parental leave) - -
Heiki Lumiste SAP Main User [email protected] -
Günther Leismann System Administrator [email protected] -


Name Position Email Phone
Kairi Aljand CFO [email protected] -
Virge Maton Financial Controller [email protected] +372 671 2277
Aigar Kalm Production Controller [email protected] -
Heleri Leibenau Accountant [email protected] +372 671 2212