Linking integrity and safety to construction and installation

Our extensive suite of market-leading products and accessories is suitable for construction and infrastructure projects in any sector. Offering flexibility, the highest standards of safety, and a reduced total cost of ownership, we are the perfect partner for distributors, installers and contractors worldwide.

Single core wire

Single core wires

Control cable

Control cables

Construction 1kV cable

Construction 1kV

Fire resistant cable

Fire resistant cables

Flexible cable

Flexible cables

Signalling cable

Signalling and automation cables

CPR, CableApp, ECO CABLE & DoP

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Construction Products Regulation - basis for cable selection!

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CableApp helps to choose the right cable solution!

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ECO CABLE - be environmentally conscious and choose ECO CABLE!


DoP Finder - find athe Declaration of Performance (DoP) for all our CPR products.


Linking expertise and innovation with industries worldwide

We offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge and continually evolving product portfolio that caters for today’s ever-increasing and diverse market demands. Anticipating changing trends and requirements, and working in constant proximity with our customers, we’re positioned to provide constant progress in keeping the wheels of industry turning around the world. 

Solar energy

To meet an ever-growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably-sourced energy. In response to this demand, Prysmian Group’s cables are helping businesses in the solar industry around the globe to convert these new opportunities into reality. 

Solar farm


As the world continues its rapid urbanisation, planning strategies, most notably for public transport lines, must adapt to meet demand. Prysmian Group has developed new cable designs and materials to provide the latest in chemical and mechanical resistance, fire resistance, EMC behaviour and enhanced transmission capacity.

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