Drum handling, return, evaluation

A cable is a valuable product usually transported on drums. The flanges on the drum seem thick enough to remain unbroken. But, with a cable that might weigh more than four tons, careless handling can easily damage the drum. The drum must protect the cable from damages during transport. If the drum is damaged, the cable can also be damaged. The damage might not be discovered until after installation, when repairs can be extremely expensive. The purpose of DRUM GUIDE is to tell you how damage can be minimised by correct drum handling; the guide also includes info about markings, dimensions, weights, return and assessment.

The importance of re-utilisation of drums

Prysmian Group is heavily committed to maximising the re-utilisation of drums and lowering their environmental impact. Our sustainability scorecard includes an indicator “Percentage of drums (tonnes) reused during the year” so we constantly review this important objective in order to increase the volume of re-used wooden drums with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of transport operations.