Why Prysmian Group

With around 30,000 employees, active in 50 countries, our specialism in energy and telecoms puts us at the heart of so many industries, everyday products and experiences. In the Baltics, with the plant and main office in Keila, Estonia, and offices in Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania, we employ about 160 people in plant operations, sales and marketing, customer care, logistics, purchasing, finances and administration. 


Our global workforce is valued for its knowledge, skills and expertise. Each of us is unique, but united by our drive to succeed and guided by our shared values - drive, trust and simplicity. We have an inner drive and a determination - we make things happen. We respect what each person brings; we trust each other and deliver what we say. We aim to keep things simple.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity makes a team strong and successful. A diverse team means employees of both genders, different age groups and nationalities, with different professional backgrounds, experience, and personal strengths. We are glad that the number of women and men in the Baltic management team is balanced. We are working hard to increase the number of women among production workers - we introduce the nature of the work and encourage women to apply.

Once a year we have an employee commitment survey, the participation rate of which was last 86%. We make sure that the thoughts and suggestions of the employees are carefully listened to and discussed by the managers. Through an action plan based on the results of the survey, we maintain the well-being of employees.

Cable production female operator

Development and rewarding

Feedback and support are an essential part of professional growth. We keep an open dialogue with all employees so that, together, we can identify, support and recognise performance. We have focused development paths and training for people in different roles across the organisation. We built the internal Global Academy to support our people, so everyone can stay at the cutting-edge of expertise – no matter their specialism. We’re proud to offer competitive salaries. We also offer a series of innovative benefits packages and incentives to boost remuneration.

Our people

Cable production male

Veiko: "Years have shown that the key elements are timing and challenges."

Cable production female

Kristi: "I feel cared for and I have achieved a good work-life balance."