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Our cable solutions form an integral part of power grids worldwide. We help major Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and utilities develop power transmission and distribution grids. We are unmatched in our overall manufacturing and installation capabilities, and have an unwavering commitment to R&D. We design, produce and install high and extra high voltage underground and submarine cable systems, providing network components, value added engineering as well as monitoring and maintenance systems and services. We similarly design and produce low and medium voltage cables for use in distribution networks.

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Bare conductors

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Aerial cables

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Power cables 1kV

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Power cables 12kV

Power cable 12kV

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Accessories for Power Cables

Discover our high-quality cold-shrink joints, terminations and separable connectors for Medium-Voltage cables.



COLDFIT terminations are quick and easy to install, offering high reliability and excellent performance for both indoor and outdoor use.



Separable connector for polymeric MV cables. Indoor and outdoor installation. The connector is entirely protected by a watertight conductive envelope connected to earth.



The Elaspeed® coldshrinkable medium voltage straight through joints are designed for fast, easy and reliable installation.

COLDFIT indoor use FC CDTI-1C (English)

COLDFIT outdoor use FC CDTO-1C (English)

ELASCON FC MSCE/EC-250 (English)

ELASCON FC MSCT/EC-630 (English)

Elaspeed compact (English)

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Accessories for Cable Mounting

Discover our cable glands, cleats and terminals.


Prysmian Group´s components business unit, based in Wrexham, is the UK´s leading manufacturer of cable support and fixings systems and offers a range that is both comprehensive and diverse. Through many years of industry experience and working closely with our customers, Prysmian Group is able to offer cleats to support and fix all cable types on the market. 

Our range of products includes: 

BICON Cable Glands Catalogue

BICON Cable Support and Fixing Systems Catalogue

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