Overhead lines

The Vilnius-Neris 330 kV overhead line strengthens the energy security of Lithuania

23/05/2024 - 12:00 PM

The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, with the help of Zilinskis ir Co UAB and Prysmian, is building a 330 kV overhead line between Vilnius and Neris; the goal of the project is to modernise and strengthen the high-voltage network. The project involves the construction of an 81 km long overhead line from the Nemenčinė Neris substation to the Paneriai district substation in Vilnius. 

The new Vilnius-Neris electricity transmission line, together with the already existing 330 kV lines of the Lithuanian power plant-Vilnius, Lithuanian power plant-Neris, will create a ring of 330 kV power transmission lines around the capital. 

Rokas Masiulis, head of Litgrid, highlights the importance of the project: “The new Vilnius-Neris line will connect two main transformer substations that provide electricity to the city and the region. This project is important for two reasons. First, as the population grows in this region, so does the demand for electricity, thus we need to strengthen the grid. Secondly, in preparation for synchronisation with continental European grids, we are forming an electricity transmission ring around Vilnius. After the synchronisation, and after the disconnection of the lines with Belarus, Vilnius-Neris will ensure the reliability of the electricity network for the residents of the region and will also contribute to the security of the electricity system of the entire country.”

The Baltic states, together with Russia and Belarus, operate in the IPS / UPS system, where the electricity frequency is centrally regulated in Russia. The operators of the three Baltic states have agreed to synchronise with continental European networks to increase energy security.

The Vilnius-Neris overhead line will improve the security of supply and create conditions for the development of the region and is part of Litgrid’s larger project, during which the Lithuanian electricity grid will be synchronised with the networks of continental Europe.