Replacing overhead transmission lines in Tallinn with underground cable lines will continue in Õismäe and Astangu districts

14/12/2020 - 12:00 AM

Elering is continuing to replace overhead transmission lines in Tallinn with underground cable lines. Work between Harku, Kadaka and Veskimetsa substations is performed by Merko Infra and Connecto Eesti. The cables and couplings were produced and the latter were installed by Prysmian Group. The project is carried out in cooperation with experts from Estonia, Russia, the Netherlands and Finland.

Nearly 30 kilometers of cables will be installed on the 10-kilometer route and into the soil to a depth of 1.5-6 meters along the entire route. The total cost of the project is 5.1 million euros. The Veskimetsa-Kadaka 110 kilovolt overhead transmission line will be replaced with an underground cable in its entirety; the Harku-Veskimetsa overhead transmission line will be replaced by an underground cable between Veskimetsa substation and Karjääri tee; and the Harku-Kadaka overhead transmission line in the section between Kadaka substation and Karjääri tee. The cables are mainly installed using the closed method, but some sections are also installed using the open method.

The establishment of new cables will improve security of supply, reduce visual disturbance caused by overhead transmission lines and free the land under line protection zones for the activities improving the living environment. The replacement of these overhead lines with underground cable lines is part of a larger project by Elering that will gradually rid densely populated areas in the City of Tallinn of the high-voltage lines that have completed their lifespan.


The article was published in the magazine Elektriala.