The cables for the new generation wind farm to be built in Telšiai will be manufactured by Prysmian Group

20/10/2020 - 12:00 AM

The client of the wind farm to be built in the Telšiai district of Lithuania is UAB L-VJAS and the developer is UAB E energija. The construction of the infrastructure is managed by Natural Power Consultants Limited (Scotland) and performed by UAB Merko Statyba, part of the Merko Ehitus group, and UAB L-Vėjas, part of the E energija group. The cables will be supplied by Elektrokomplektas UAB and manufactured by Prysmian Group. The project includes the construction of the wind turbine bases and the roads and the electrification of the wind turbines. The value of the contract is 13 million euros and the deadline for completion of the works is December 2021.

A modern wind farm will be built in Telšiai, consisting of General Electric's 13 new generation 5 MW Cypress wind turbines. These are General Electric's largest turbines with a rotor diameter of 158 meters. The total capacity of the wind farm is 70 MW – it covers the energy needs of about 78 300 Lithuanian households. Prysmian Group will manufacture almost 210 kilometers of 36kV underground cables for the project.

EU countries are committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, moving towards a climate-neutral economy – a goal that requires a shift to renewable energy sources. Wind energy experts say Europe should produce about half of its electricity in modern wind farms. The construction of the Telšiai wind farm is an important step towards climate-neutral energy and economy, because modern technology makes it possible to use wind energy extremely efficiently.