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We supported education, sports and volunteer work

Categories: Sustainability 

21/12/2022 - 12:00 AM

We value sustainable development and this year we supported electrical education, the local community, and the volunteer work of our employees. 

We consider it important to popularise electrical vocational and higher education and support the development of young people. This year we launched a new project in the field of education, namely we supported the Estonian vocational schools for electrical studies and the Vocational Training Centre of Technologies with teaching materials, that is with cables. We also supported science-related interest education: the science camp enerhack and the science club of Keila school. In addition, we participated on the fair Positron which introduced electricity to young people.

To promote local life, we support long-term and wide-reaching sports, cultural and charity undertakings. In 2023, we continued our sponsorship agreement with Keila Coolbet basketball team. 

To expand the impact, we support the voluntary work of our employees. This year, our employees contributed about 100 hours of volunteer work at the Food Bank, weaving protective nets and at local health trails. We continued to be a partner of the blood center.

Learn more about our principles of sponsorship: