On CableApp, a well-received app in the electrical industry, over 14,000 calculations were performed last year

31/01/2024 - 12:00 PM

In 2021, we launched CableApp in the Baltic markets, which helps to choose the best cable solution based on the type of project and installation.

CableApp is intended for anyone who needs support in planning or carrying out electrical work. It is especially useful for electricians, engineers and builders who need quick access to accurate cable data. In addition to offering the most suitable cable type, CableApp provides detailed information on cable properties, standards and certifications. All this helps to quickly and conveniently ensure that the project complies with the current requirements.

Last year, an impressive 14,191 cable calculations were made on CableApp, and 1,106 registered users joined us – these are just the numbers for the Baltic countries! CableApp is available in over 30 countries and a total of 475,331 calculations have been made worldwide.

CableApp calculates the optimal cable cross-section and offers alternative solutions. You can easily share the results with others or print them out using CableApp, thus making the execution of work particularly convenient. In addition to the appropriate cable type, the application provides the nearest resellers so that you can implement your project quickly and conveniently. We have listed the main use areas and related questions in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, which you can find at baltics.prysmiangroup.com/en/cableapp. You can conveniently use CableApp both as software on the web and as an application on your phone.

6 reasons to start using CableApp now:

  1. It’s free for everyone.
  2. Based on the HD60364-5-52 standard. In the Baltic markets, the Construction Products Regulation is also taken into account.
  3. It finds the most energy-efficient solution. CableApp calculates the annual energy savings for each cable type, helping you to make an informed and sustainable choice.
  4. It suggests the nearest resellers. The app will find you the nearest electricity reseller so you can complete your project quickly and conveniently.
  5. Reduces the CO2 footprint. CableApp offers solutions that help reduce CO2 emissions and thereby increase energy efficiency.
  6. It allows you to share results. You can use the app to conveniently share results with others or print them out.

Trust the best experts in the field: choose CableApp and Prysmian and Draka cables as your everyday business partners. Read more: baltics.prysmiangroup.com/en/cableapp