The ECO CABLE label is added to a number of construction products

17/04/2024 - 10:00 AM

The ECO CABLE label marks Prysmian’s contribution to making greener choices. Cables bearing this label meet sustainability standards and encourage customers to choose cables that are more resilient and have a lower environmental impact.

This spring, we will add the ECO CABLE label to several of our construction products: installation cables (MK-HF C-PRo and MKEM-HF C-PRo); power cables (MCMK-HF C-PRo, MCCMK-HF C-PRo, AXCMK-HF C-PRo and AXCCMK-HF C-PRo); control cables (MMO-HF C-PRo and MCCMO-HF C-PRo) and automation cables (KLMA-HF C-PRo, NOMAK-HF C-PRo and JAMAK-C -HF C-PRo).

By expanding the ECO CABLE product range, we support our customers in building and also caring for the environment.

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